To make an appointment please text me on 0795 785 6143 and leave a message with your name and where your yard is located..


 In order to keep travel costs to a minimum I try to group people from the same area together on the same date. If I am going to be in Essex or South Kent, a particular week please contact me as soon as the date appears on this page. I can then add you to my list and text a date and time to you for your appointment.

Timings can only be a rough estimate as each horse requires a full assessment and then whatever treatment is necessary. I will always try to update you if I am delayed. Sometimes I’m running a little early so when I give you a time please try to be there so I keep to schedule.

For clients not in my normal working areas I am always happy to see them at my home-base and also have a yard in Essex that is generously at my disposal.

COSTS. (Inclusive of travel)

£50.00 Full assessment and treatment

£20.00 Follow-up assessment/no treatment required



Tuesday   16th

Tuesday   30th.


Wednesday   17th.

Friday           26th.

For all other appointments please text 00 44 79 57 85 61 43. Even if I don't appear to be in your area at a given date, my timetable is always very flexible and if I can fit you in and come to you, I will!

Finally, rumours that I have retired and gone to live in France are untrue, I may be getting older but I'm still here and working!

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